“Now, until March 31, a customer can establish a payment plan by paying only 10 per cent of the outstanding balance. The remaining portion of the outstanding balance is paid monthly with the current bill amount for each month,” said Mr. Ogden. Our goal is to avoid service outages,” Ogden said. “We will only separate the service if all reasonable efforts to establish a payment plan have failed or if the customer has not paid the agreed payments.” However, Sabin stated that the service of a customer who arrives at a payment plan is not separate. In addition, like other distribution companies, CWLP does not separate customers during the winter months. Some clients may also be eligible for support from LIHEAP, which is run by local community action agencies. Liheap offers payments to low-income households, the elderly and people with disabilities. Subsidies are based on the number of people in a household, total income and the type of energy consumed. “The economic downturn has also weighed on our customers, causing some to fall back on their bills,” said Stan Ogden, vice president of customer services and public relations at Ameren Illinois Utilities. “We reach our customers with outstanding balances by making it as simple as possible to establish a payment plan. Given that many Illinois families still face financial challenges due to COVID-19, Ameren Illinois offers more flexible payment aids and payment options for customers who may be lagging behind on their energy bills. As part of its economic stimulus program, Ameren encourages customers who currently need assistance to use their available resources to save energy and reduce their bills. They also invite customers who need help paying their bills to contact Ameren to explore their payment options.

Ameren offers a number of financial assistance programs, including: Illinois Energy Assistance Program to Help Families with Energy Costs Ameren Illinois Fresh Start Bill Assistance Program for those in economic difficulty during COVID-19 Difficult Cases of pandemic Subsidies for seniors and families, financial hardship due to job loss , Illness or Disability The Warm Neighbors Cool Friends Initiative to provide year-round payment for Illinois Fighting Families Military Support Grants to Qualified Active Members Available to Military and Disabled Veterans Deferred Payment Arrangements for Clients to create flexible payment arrangements when they have an outstanding balance after all applicable billing aids have been applied to their accounts.