04.01.: JTA accuses the government of a delaying tactic in wage negotiations (The Gleaner) It is exactly one week after the government made a major breakthrough by signing an agreement with 8 of the 11 bodies represented by the Federation of Jamaican Trade Unions (JCTU). 20.02.: The police association rejects the latest wage offer (RJR – News) 12. March: Gov`t-Salary an insult to workers (The Gleaner) Jan 04: JCTU has not convinced that the government can not afford a better wage offer (The Gleaner) Mar 01: Low pay is a bad economy, says UCASE President (Observer Jamaika) The Jamaika Police Federation and the Jamaica Medical Doctors Association are the other major groups that do not yet agree. It noted, however, that it would not be able to disclose the new package until the country`s teachers were informed of the final agreement. December 12: IMF targets as JTA and police reject wage offer (Loop Jamaica) 17. December: Gov`t Senator joins call for government not graduate economist (The Gleaner) Mar 13: Public sector workers reviewing wage claims amid new taxes (RJR News) Feb 21: Petroja Industry workers have took industrial action on slow pace of wage talks (RJR News) Mar 14: JCTU considering response to 4-year-wage cycle (The Gleaner) Feb 20: 1Rank-and-file police reject latest wage offer from gov`t (The Gleaner) May 16: Gov`t and teachers sign wage agreement (JIS) Nov 16: Nurses reject government`s wage offer (Loop Jamaica) Sep 05: Police demand wage meeting by Friday (Jamaica Observer) Jan 03: PM wants Cabinet input in police wage issue (Jamaica Observer) Feb 20: UAWU withdraws from the JCTU to protest the signing of a new agreement (RJR – News) The Jamaican government has begun wage negotiations with teachers on the island. According to the document, the figures for this allocation are reflected in Draft 5 of the Heads of Union. Yesterday, JTA President Georgia Waugh Richards said the association has turned around on the basis of agreements with the government on improving its ancillary benefits. The meeting is part of discussions on the saver of wages and benefits for the duration of the 2017/2019 contract.

Feb 26: Doctors agree to accept gov`t wage offer (Nationwide) Sep 13: Nurses agree to wage increase and benefits package with gov`t (Nationwide) Jan 04: JTA issues Monday ultimatum for Cabinet response to wage claims (Nationwide) Jan 01: UAWU wants renegotiation of public sector wage component of IMF deal (RJR News) Nov 10: St. Thomas teacher angry at the government`s salary offer (RJR – News) 30. December: JCSA looks forward to 2018 wage negotiations (Loop Jamaica) January 19: Finance Minister confident, Let the wage negotiations end soon (JIS) 03 March: teachers reject the wage offer by a large majority (The Gleaner) 12 March: the police association speaks harshly about wages, promises a relentless struggle (The Gleaner) Jan 03: wage negotiations in the public sector resume; Police cases for the cabinet next week (Loop Jamaica) 07. March: JTA concerned about teacher`s plans to pay the refused salary offer (The Gleaner) 16 January: Public Forum to discuss the contradictory nature of wage negotiations (Observer Jamaica) February 21: Workers who put on an offer of salary gov`t to recover the salary until March 31 (Jamaican Observer) Teachers agreed to pay increases over the agreed period of five percent in the first year; two or four per cent, respectively, for the second and third years; and 5% last year. On Friday, the JTA`s general council voted to adopt the government`s latest wage offer. 03 January: JTA and gov`t return to the wage bargaining table (Nationwide) The document also states that the government will do everything in its power to pay the agreed payments as soon as possible after the signing of the heads of state and government by both parties. 08.01.: Public groups on high alert as cabinet discusses salaries (The Gleaner) February 19: JCTU faces internal rift after signing new wage agreement (RJR – News) on November 22: NAJ`s wage negotiations with government are at a standstill (RJR – News) Jan 03: threat of mass unrest