As part of the discussion process, an appropriate level of communication between tele-shuttlers and superiors will be agreed and more formal during the trial period. At the end of the trial period, the manager and teleworker communicate at a level that corresponds to the level that is working in the office or in a manner and frequency appropriate for the work and the people involved. To ensure that employees` performance is not compromised in remote work, we advise our remote employees: the employee will create an appropriate work environment in his or her home for work purposes. [Company name] is not responsible for the costs associated with setting up the employee`s reception desk, such as renovation, furniture or lighting, or for repairs or modifications to the office room at home. In general, working from home has no influence on the employment conditions of workers. If work from home affects compensation and benefits, HR is responsible for drafting a new contract. In accordance with The 09 Working Council, Series 2020, companies close to employers and workers are encouraged to consider alternative work schemes to mitigate and mitigate the effects of workers` loss of income. The COVID 19 pandemic is leading to a paradigm shift in work in the Philippines. While long stay in the office was the rule, the introduction of extended community quarantine (“ECQ”) required employers to recognize non-essential industries that can be worked outside the office, for example. B through home work agreements (“WFH”). These agreements have been widely adopted and are expected to continue after the repeal of the ECQ. There is therefore a paramount need to understand how the WFH rules fit into the labour law landscape and how they should be implemented legally. Telework employees who are not exempt from the overtime requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act must accurately record all hours worked with the [company name] time registration system.

Hours worked beyond the hours scheduled per day and per work week are subject to the prior agreement of the tele-shuttler`s supervisor. Failure to comply with this requirement may lead to the immediate termination of the telework contract. In line with the organization`s information security expectations for employees working in the office, telecommuting employees are expected to protect proprietary information about businesses and customers accessible from their home office. Steps include the use of closed filing cabinets and cabinets, regular password maintenance, and all other order and environmentally appropriate measures.