MLS State Council: Active Option Agreement (OPT) means that the seller has accepted an offer and the buyer exercises the unlimited right of termination in paragraph 23 of the contract. Hosting is available for demos and backup offers. In order to reduce the likelihood of confusion of the seller, the listing broker, as the principal of the agreement, could remove the part of the agreement that applies to the improvements or add a statement in the “Special provisions” section indicating that the property is not an improved lot. A signed written agreement, such as for example. B is the agreement to represent the buyer of housing / tenant of TAR, the only way for a broker to establish an agency relationship with a buyer? 28. MLS State Council: Sold (SLD) means that ownership of the property has been transferred to a new owner and all photos remain in MLS indefinitely. MLS STATUS TIP: There are three (3) flags that appear on an active list (ACT) and stay there for 5 days: “$” means there is a price change; “B” indicates that the listing is back on the market; “N” marks a new offer. My client`s list is a house on a plot of 15 hectares. A broker of the buyer made an offer to his client for the housing contract of one to four families (resale). My client is concerned that the residency form does not meet outstanding mineral interests, but the buyer`s agent says he often uses this form for situations like this and his client agrees with the use of this contract.

Does using this form instead of the farm and ranch contract make a difference? A buyer interested in the purchase of the property, even if mineral interest has already been transferred to another person or reserved by another person, may list the exceptional documents in the offer. The seller may provide any potential buyer with documents containing or reserving such mineral interests for listing in paragraph 6. When these interests are listed, they are recognized by the parties and are not subject to any objection on the part of the buyer during the verification of the ownership obligation. My client bought an empty lot in a neighborhood years ago and never built on it. .