One of the problems is that for every legitimate buyer, I have dozens and dozens of people using my music without permission. Before AdRev, there was no way for us royalty-free music composers to make money from unauthorized use. I plan to upload asl song translations to YouTube, mainly to share with a small group of people. If I can`t use audio from iTunes, can I use audio from a CD or where can I get the audio? For example, I want to use “Fool`s Gold” from 1D (page music_policies says it only receives ads), where do I get the audio? Hi, I`m just a little confused. Does this mean that if you buy/buy the artist`s music (on iTunes or legitimately) and use it in your video, that would be nice? Should I still contact the artist to use the music in my video if I bought/paid for the track? Thank you very much! I`m starting out as a Youtuber and I`d like to use a really nice song as the introductory music, but I`d like to do it right. Thanks for the advice! You can whitelist your channel by a standard music library or individual composers, but this does not apply to ALL copyrighted music. Whether it`s obscure or not, as long as the clip is copyrighted, you still need permission. Keep in mind that even obscure musicians can have a big label behind them that oversees usage. You can ignore it or monetize your video or do something else. It is up to the rights holder to decide. So you want to use music in your video. Often, the most difficult challenge is to find the owner and successfully contact them to get permission, but a good place to start is the music publisher or record company. The system is terrible.

I understand that people want to protect their property, but taking 100% ad revenue is just stupid. How does it get people to use their and create content? Here`s an idea why it`s enough to give one% to the creator of the musician and the rest to the creator of the video. since the creator of the music actually doesn`t do any more work and earns a free income from nothing else. I swear that the people who rule this world are greedy idiots. MikS Music, one of our composers, published an excellent article on the risks associated with using “copyright-free” music on YouTube: An ICE Basic License Agreement is a licensing solution for digital service providers who need a multi-territory license for online use. The ICE base license currently covers the entire repertoire of PRS for Music, GEMA & STIM (where the company manages the rights) as well as some independent publishers. ICE hopes to expand the repertoire it makes available to digital service providers by integrating other companies and publishers in the future. Man, I agree, I`ve had a few copyrighted strikes because I like copyrighted music, I mean, I don`t think it`s fair because of all the people who abuse us, the people who want to use for a good cause and want to give credit to the artist, I am still protected by copyright, at least if we give credit to the artist, we should be allowed to use it and without penalty. .