The South Pacific Regional Trade and Economic Cooperation Agreement, also known as SPARTECA, is a free trade agreement between Australia and New Zealand and several Pacific Island countries. The agreement aims to promote trade and economic development in the region through the elimination of tariffs and other trade barriers.

Recently, the SPARTECA agreement has undergone a rebranding effort, including the introduction of a new logo. The new logo features a stylized depiction of a map of the South Pacific region, with waves and a sunburst motif in the background. The colors of the logo, blue and green, represent the ocean and the land of the region, respectively.

The introduction of a new logo for SPARTECA is an important step in the agreement`s efforts to promote economic cooperation and integration in the region. A clear and recognizable logo helps to establish the identity of the agreement and can help to promote awareness among potential stakeholders, including businesses and consumers.

In addition to the new logo, the SPARTECA agreement has also introduced a new website and social media presence, which will help to promote information about the agreement and its benefits. The website includes a range of resources and information, including details about the agreement`s provisions, information for businesses looking to trade in the region, and news and updates about SPARTECA-related activities.

Overall, the rebranding of the South Pacific Regional Trade and Economic Cooperation Agreement is an important step forward in promoting economic development and cooperation in the region. The new logo and website will help to raise awareness about the agreement and its benefits, and will provide valuable resources for businesses and individuals looking to engage with the region. As the SPARTECA agreement continues to grow and evolve, its new branding will be an important tool in helping to establish its identity and promote continued economic growth and development.